eCommerce Product Data Migration

The key challenge in shopping cart migration is to precisely relocate your data with complete integrity and security, without any disruption. Online business owners often fear that they might end up losing all the hard work they have invested in populating their storefront when they move on to another shopping cart. This is where SunTec India steps in!

We deftly gather and import all of your products into the platform or the database of your choice.
Whether you are planning to migrate your store data from one eCommerce or CRM platform to another or implement version upgrade of your shopping cart software, our team of eCommerce data migration experts is there to support you.

SunTec India specializes in eCommerce product data migration helping you to transfer your current eCommerce store to any other platform. With our experience of over a decade, we ensure consistent quality with zero data loss.

Fortified with deep understanding of database structures, we can smoothly and seamlessly migrate your entire product database including product data, product SKU/ID, attributes, category/sub categories, images and image URLs, price details, customer information, orders, transaction and other relevant data.

We understand that eCommerce database migration is a complex and long drawn process necessitating technical expertise and adequate time and efforts. With in-depth domain expertise in eCommerce platforms, our data migration experts help you speedily transfer your store data to Magento or any other shopping cart of your choice ascertaining data integrity and data security are well-maintained.

We conduct the shopping cart migrations using sophisticated tools corroborated with human intervention to ensure that your data is accurate and precise and there are no oddities or quirks in your catalog_product_relation table saving you time in renaming or reassigning attributes and attribute sets, consequently reducing your time to market.

Discuss Your Project With Us
Our product data management professionals are highly trained and experienced and can work equally skillfully on all major eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. Please get in touch with us to know more about product data management services.